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Windows 10 – Hosted

Multi-Session or Single-Session Windows 10 hosted desktops, Multi-Session Server 2016/2019 desktops. Note: Windows 10 hosting is only available in Azure, don’t be fooled.

For Small Businesses

Great for small businesses starting out & SMB’s, Scales up or down with the demands of your business. Windows Desktops & IT Security for less than the price of a phone contract.

Enterprise Rich

Free Extended Support for Win7, Secure your organisation. 85pc of Fortune 500 companies are on the Microsoft cloud. Enterprise customers are adopting Azure, don’t get left behind.

We have been delivering on-premise multi-session desktops since 1995, we have the right formula to deliver cloud success.
Transform your business today with WVD.

Windows as a service

Per-user pricing, reduce spend and increase efficiency by engaging with an IT expert to support and safeguard your devices, desktops, operating systems.
End-users today are more demanding than ever, users are now immersed in the latest technology in their personal lives that just works, they expect the same at their workplace


Our services are built with security fire and foremost, WVD includes features such as threat protection, identity and access management, device & app management, and information protection. Additionally, we add our RMM agent ensuring an optimal level of protection for your business and data.


Create a full desktop virtualization environment in with Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure without having to run any additional gateway servers, Microsoft provides an evergreen entry point into your desktops. Eliminating the need for costly firewalls and gateways, you connect to the nearest gateway, where ever you might be in the world.

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