Trying to decide if WVD right for you?

Windows Virtual Desktop is the only multi-session Windows 10 virtualized in the cloud that’s highly scalable, always up to date, and available on any device. Take a self-assessment quiz to see if it’s a good fit for your enterprise.

1. You need the ability to easily add and remove users.

2. You need to scale efficiently on demand.

3. Your end users need a seamless, rich client experience with Windows 10, Outlook, Teams, Office, Search, Cortana, Onedrive and more.

4. You need to bring RDS (Remote Desktop Services) to your users.

5. You need to support both persistent and non-persistent environments

6. You need integrated security and management with M365, Azure Active directory etc.

7. You need to run Windows 7 legacy apps after the upcoming Win 7 end of life.

8. You’re in a regulated industry and need to adhere to strict compliance requirements.

9. Your virtual desktop solution involves incorporation of existing investments e.g. Citrix.

10. You want to reduce management and deployment costs for Windows Server.

How many statements fit your needs?

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