FWS for Enterprise

Using Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), enterprises can give their employees access to virtualised applications and remote desktops, including the ability to provide multi-session Windows 10 experiences, something that sets WVD apart from that of other vendors that offer Hosted Desktop, DaaS, etc.

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Multi-Session Windows 10 currently is only available in Azure, this comes as no surprise as Microsoft hold the keys to the kingdom. It’s also a good assumption that Microsoft’s Cloud “Azure” is the best platform to run your Virtual Desktops.

Windows Virtual Desktop benefits for enterprise

Enterprise or any size company for that matter can set up a Golden Image with your basic apps and settings.

We can configure your WVD set up to roll out a number of new session hosts based on a Golden Image - which includes domain join and WVD installation and registration (comparable to Citrix MCS)

For Enterprise this means your update one desktop image rather than 1000's and push the image out to a test group of users first and then to production.

True BOYD and Secure remote access from anywhere in the world becomes a reality. Users will connect to the closest access point based on their location.

Microsoft has designed the App Attach technology, especially for WVD. Essentially, App Attach enables applications to be stored outside a virtual machine. This means that each application can attach itself as and when users need it. App Attach helps keep the image clean

Your desktop and email data in the same datacenter kinda makes sense that it will perform better.

Microsoft WVD has been optimised to ensure your users get the best experience from teams and office365.


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